The Best Time to Double Down on Blackjack

Gambling Jul 6, 2022

The best hand in Blackjack is an Ace and a face card (the “natural hand”), which is called a Blackjack. The dealer cannot beat this hand, and this is called a “Push.” A player with the same hand wins a bet back. In Blackjack, a player may “Stand” by remaining with the original two cards they were dealt. There are two reasons a player can stand. One is a natural strategy, and the other is to avoid getting another card.

Face cards

There are a few basic rules to follow when splitting face cards in blackjack. You should only split an ace and a face card when the dealer’s card is an ace or ten. This rule will prevent you from making a winning hand of nines and tens, as the two face cards would be worth only six and two points respectively. In addition, you should always keep in mind that you cannot split a ten-value card unless you have the same suit.


If you have two aces, splitting them is the golden rule. However, it depends on whether the dealer has an up-faced card and whether you have a pair of eights. You can win with the highest possible hand, but the dealer can push if you don’t have twenty. To win, you need to hit tens or higher. However, if you have two aces, splitting them will only yield an eight or nine.


The best time to double-down is when your two cards add up to more than 11. You can then choose to take a tenth card if the hand does not contain an ace. The 10-card rule is based on the fact that aces have higher chances of totaling a total of 21 than do face cards. It is therefore in your best interest to double-down when you have two 10-cards.

Double down

If you’re unsure whether you should double down on blackjack, you should know that the strategy only works on cards with a value less than an ace. If you have an ace, you’ll have no way of doubling down, and you’ll likely have to stay at the table until you improve your hand. You can also double down to make your hand higher, but only with low cards. Read the chart below to determine the best time to do so.


The basic rule of blackjack is to split pairs when you are dealt two cards that are not identical. Generally, this is done when the dealer has a soft 17 and you have two pairs. However, some players prefer to stick to the traditional strategy of not splitting when you have two pairs of the same kind. In this case, you should know when to split, as the split can turn your game around. Here are some examples of when to split:

Insurance bet

Many blackjack gurus recommend eliminating the Insurance Bet on blackjack. This side bet, placed as a side bet, pays out on a 2 to 1 basis if the dealer is dealt a blackjack. While no one is a psychic, mathematicians state that a dealer has less than a one-third chance of winning a blackjack. Still, the Insurance Bet is a good idea when you notice a ten on your first card.

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