Roullete – A Fun Way to Get Involved in Gambling Culture

Gambling Jun 27, 2022

Originating in France, Roullete may have derived from the Italian game Biribi, and it is now one of the world’s most popular games. Interestingly, Roullete survived the French Revolution, which banned gambling in France. Despite this ban, Roullete spread throughout Europe and eventually the world, creating its own fan base and a rich history. Roullete is a fun way to get involved in gambling culture.


The origin of the roulette game is obscure. The word comes from French, and literally means “little wheel.” Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician and physicist, was a passionate gambler, and was inspired by two similar games. In fact, he took the concept and applied it to gambling. Fortunately, the concept remains popular today. In France, the word roulette has two distinct meanings. The French meaning refers to a small wheel in a bowl. The English version is based on an English word, while the French name is a French translation of the word “roulette.”


You may be wondering whether you should place bets on the roulette wheel or on a specific number. The French and European roulette layouts differ slightly from each other, but the terminology is the same. For example, Low and High bets are called Manque and Passe, while 1st Douzaine, 2nd Douzaine, and 3rd Douzaine bets are referred to as Premiere, Moyenne, and Dernier, respectively.

Probability of winning

There are several ways to calculate the probability of winning Roullete, but most people will prefer the percentage odds because they are easier to understand. Either way, all odds point to the same thing. To calculate the probability of winning Roullete, look at the percentage of numbers on the roulette wheel and convert that into a ratio or percentage. For example, if the roulette wheel contains red and you bet $100 on a single red, the probability is 2.7%.

Varieties of bets

There are several different bet types available in Roullete, including outside bets, square bets, and straight up bets. Some of these bets pay even money, while others pay off at a significantly lower rate. For example, the low bet is for the ball to land on any of the numbers from one to eighteen, while the high bet is for any number from 19 to 36. The low bet pays even money, while the high bet pays eight to one if the ball falls on one of the numbers.

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